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Did you know that your suspension is a primary component of driving safety and can adversely affect tyre wear and braking? Suspension also helps to give a smoother ride.

When was the last time you had your suspension checked?

Can you remember ever having your suspension checked? Why not visit Suncoast Car Care in Maroochydore today to prevent your car’s suspension letting you down.

How Does My Suspension System Work?

Suspension systems are designed to allow your vehicle to travel safely and comfortably donw the road, wether that road be rough or smooth. Your vehicle also has sway bars attached to reduce corner roll, shock absorber to help with braking, steering and acceleration. Dynamic control of the suspension keeps the tyres sticking to the surface of the road. Suspension systems generally perform the functions below:

  • Keep the vehicle riding at the correct height
  • Making sure the tyres contact the road at all time.
  • Alignment of the road wheels.
  • Supports the Vehicles Mass
  • Keeps the vehicles travel direction correct.
  • Negates the effects of road undulation and potholes

To ensure this happens, however, all the suspension components on each of the four corners have to be in good working order to work in synchronisation with each other

Components Of Your Suspension System

Struts, springs, shock absorbers and tyres, your car’s suspension system are made up of all these items. To keep the tyres in contact with the road Shock absorbers and Struts are important to keep your tyres in contact with the road. By controlling spring bump and rebound, the shockie in turn controls the spring and thereby the vertical load on the tyre.

As you can imagine, the shock absorber can operate at very high frequencies, sometime 1000 times per minute. Therefore they can wear quite quickly and should be checked every 25,000 kilometres to be safe.

The springs support the weight of your vehicle, acting as a flexible link allowing the frame and body to ride relatively undisturbed while the tyres and suspension follow the road.

Driving with Worn Shocks

One damaged or worn shock will compromise vehicle safety. Braking distance can be significantly increased if the shock absorbers aren’t working properly. This can cause a great deal of damage to your car. Some of the things that worn Shockies can affect.

  • Tyres bounce excessively
  • Road contact to road is poor.
  • Control of suspension is poor.
  • Tyre wear is increased
  • Handling and tyre performance.
  • Suspension vibration and Noise is increased.

As an Authorised Fulcrum Suspension Dealership, You can contact Suncoast Car Care for the right advice on suspension. We specialise in tailoring suspension systems to the customer’s requirements and can tailor a customer’s application where the vehicle doesn’t suit any standard kit.

Suncoast Car Care prides itself on over 30 years experience in providing suspension and steering solutions for a range of 4WD, passenger and commercial vehicles. Suncoast Car Care works to improve the ride quality and handling of vehicles by combining with expert technical knowledge with quality brands, to ensure you get the best from your vehicles suspension. Suncoast Car Care is committed to providing high quality, safe, and hard wearing solutions to help improve the ride quality and handling of most vehicles.

As a Fulcrum agent we are privileged to be aligned with the exclusive Australian distributor of TEIN’s range of High Performance Suspension products. The Shock absorber kits have be ‘de rigueur’ for Japanese vehicles and are the preferred ‘Drift Car’ suspension by most competitors.

Suncoast Car Care in Maroochydore offer a range of re-manufactured power steering units from local and interstate suppliers. Exchange power steering units are crucial to the safety of your car. We can offer great value units that are well engineered and have an interstate warrantee, as do all our suspension components.