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There are many types of exhausts and mufflers available in Australia. Understanding the basic differences will help you through your decision making process. Use an A1 Exhausts specialist for your installation and you will enjoy excellence in customer service, quality, workmanship and superior products at the right price.

Economy – Universal Mufflers.

The cheapest type of muffler is a Universal. They tend to be simple in design, economical to fit but not very good at noise reduction. Most Universals carry a one year warranty. Universals are used to cut in to systems to replace rusted out or damaged mufflers.

Standard bolt on exhausts.

These tend to be of better quality, improved internal design and are more durable than Universals. These components include the necessary pipe work and brackets and are manufactured to fit straight on to your vehicle. They are quieter than Universals and very similar if not the same as the exhaust products fitted on your vehicle when it was new.

Sports mufflers and performance systems.

Performance mufflers and systems allow your engine’s exhaust emissions to escape quickly, allowing your engine to work more efficiently than it would if it was fitted with a standard system.

Even the family car or 4×4 petrol or diesel, can benefit from a sports system, giving the vehicle more power and/or greater fuel economy. Vehicles that are used for towing can also benefit for the same reasons.

Sports systems don’t have to be noisy. Not everyone wants a sports note from their system… some just want increased power and/or fuel economy. We can custom make a sports system to suit your requirements in respect of sound.

Sports systems don’t have to be expensive. The cost of a system depends on what components you require and the amount of customisation. Talk to us today to run through the options open to you.

Most manufacturers offer pre-made bolt on performance systems for the more common vehicles in Australia. Alternatively, your local A1 Exhausts specialist can custom make a full or part system to suit your needs.