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Car Servicing

We created this page to help you understand what servicing your car is all about and to help you make your servicing decisions.

When servicing your car we think: Economy, safety and reliability. We believe it is more important then ever that we provide our customers with a quality service at a very affordable rate.

Here are 2 good reasons why a car should be serviced and serviced correctly. One is to maintain economical operation and reliablility by means of replenishing certain components and fluids at regular intervals. Two but not less important is to ensure safe operation of the motor vehicle by regularly inspecting key components.

We have designed Our SCC – Basic Service to give you peace of mind without straining the budget.

Is your car due or even over due for a service? Not sure what sort of service you need? Just go for the Basic service to start with.

It will cover the most urgent maintenance items, the engine oil and filter plus a comprehensive inspection of the entire vehicle.

Once we have completed the Basic Service we will be able to advise you on concerns regarding outstanding service items.

We are aware of the present economical climate and understand that not everyone is in a position to get everything done at once.

After a Basic Service you should be equipped with the knowledge of what is needed and you will be able to get things done item by item over a period of time.

SCC – Basic Service

The Suncoast Car Care basic service includes the following items.

  • Engine oil and filter change.
  • Oil filter and 5 litres of semi synthetic 10W30 oil included.
  • Check and top up all fluid levels as required.
  • Adjust Ancillary drive belt tension where required.
  • Adjust handbrake where required.
  • Adjust all tyre inflation pressures including spare tyre.
  • Lubricate door hinges, check straps locks and latches.
  • Lubricate hatches and sliding doors on vans.
  • Grease all nipples where required. Drive shafts, steering components suspension joints etc.
  • Clean battery terminals and remove corrosion if required.
  • Top up battery electrolyte where required.
  • Reset service electronic service reminder.

Electrical checks.

  • Check operation of all lights.
  • Check operation of air conditioner an heater
  • Test performance of battery.

Under Bonnet checks.

  • Check condition of engine coolant.
  • Check condition of brake fluid. (brake fluid with water absorbtion above 3% should be changed)
  • Inpect radiator and heater hoses.
  • Inspect radiator for leakage, corrosion and obstructions.
  • Electric cooling fans operation.
  • Check air filter.
  • Check fuel lines, injectors and injector rails for leaks.

Wheels check.

  • Check wheel rims for damage such as visible cracks or distortion.
  • Check tryes tread debth and uneven wear. Minimum legal tread debth is 1,5mm.
  • Check tyres for damage such as cuts and bulges.

Under the car.

  • Check engine, gearbox, transmission, differentials and transfer box for oil leaks.
  • Check gearbox, differencials and transfer box for leaks
  • Check gearbox, engine and body rubber mountings.
  • Check front and rear suspension components for excessive free play wear and deterioration.
  • Check steering components for excessive freeplay, wear and deterioration.
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and proper mounting.
  • Check drive shafts for security and universal joints for wear.
  • Check CV boots for damage.


  • Brake friction material.
  • Brake discs for wear.
  • Flexible brake hoses and brake lines for leaks, cracks or damage

Test Drive.

  • Test brake operation.
  • Test clutch operation.
  • Test engine and transmission performance.
  • Check for unusual noises. Transmission, differential, wheel bearings, CV joints etc.
  • Test handling performance of suspension and steering.
  • Check for knocks and clunks caused by wear in suspension components.


  • After completion of the service we will provide you with a detailed list
  • of any defects that may exist or extra replenishments that may be
  • required such as worn brake pads for example.
  • The report will be accompanied by a cost estimate.

Note: It is our strict policy never to cary out any work without your approval.
Note: The $160 service offer applies to many small and medium passenger cars and some commercial vehicles.
Extra charges will apply to some vehicles requiring large quantities or high performance oil.
Please contact us with the details of your vehicle to obtain an accurate quote for a basic service that includes all of what is listed above.

Need more than a basic service?

The SCC – Basic Service is a very good intermediate service and a good start if you don’t know exactly what service your car needs. We also recommend it to those on a tight budget. Instead of breaking the bank with a major service this one will keep you going and give you peace of mind.

A good way to work out what additional service items are needed, is to use your service records and the manufacturers service schedules.

We understand that sometimes for various reasons service records just don’t exist. This situation arises quite regularly with cars that have been purchased second hand. We are more than happy to help in those situations to bring your vehicle back into a regular servicing routine. Parts like spark plugs can easley be checked in most cases. The removal of one plug will quickly reveal the general age of the spark plugs. A fuel filter on the other hand is best replaced if there is any doubt about its age and condition. Once certain additional operations have been performed and recorded, your vehicle will be back in the scheduled servicing routine.

We believe a proper sheduled servicing routine saves money by avoiding over servicing as much as under servicing.

If at any time you need advise with your service decisions please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or online contact.

We are always happy to assist.

SCC – Additional Service Items

This is a list of common scheduled service items that can be added to the basic service.

  • Brake fluid change.
  • Engine coolant change and system flush.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • Spark plugs replacement.
  • Pollen filter replacement. (Air conditioning filter)
  • Power steering flush.
  • Automatic transmission service.
  • Manual gearbox oil change.
  • Differential oil change.
  • Transfer box oil change.
  • Wheel bearing inspection and repack.
  • Ancillary drive belt replacement.
  • Timing belt replacement.
  • Valve clearance adjustment.
  • Points and condenser. (Ignition breaker contacts)

The list above represents a broad range of possible items that may or may not apply to your particular vehicle type or model.

Is your vehicle under new car warranty?

We got you covered for this. In order to retain the new car warranty your vehicle must be serviced to manufacturer’s specifications. This does not have to be done by a dealership at dealership prices. We offer more affordable logbook servicing to equal or higher standards.

SCC – Logbook Servicing

Your new car does not have to be serviced by the dealer to retain the warranty.

The biggest myth in the car industry: Your car looses its new vehicle warranty if it is not serviced by the dealer. False, in order to retain your new car warranty the vehicle has to be serviced to the manufacturers specifications at scheduled intervals.

We provide logbook servicing using only quality parts and fluids meeting or exceeding the manufacturer’s requirements.

Time for a logbook service? Contact us with your car’s details, make, model, build date, engine type etc, so we can give you an exact quote. We are confident that we will beat any car dealer’s price. Your service will be carried out in strict adherence to the manufacturers specifications.

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